1 Reactions of aerobic oxidative capacity; succinate dehydrogenase (SDH) activity is the reference enzyme Red Gauthier, 1969
2 Sensitivity of myofibrillar ATPase (mATPase) activity after exposure to either high or low pH Type I Brooke and Kaiser, 1970; Gorza, 1990
Type IIA
Type IIB/C
Type IIX/D
3 The Combination of oxidative SDH staining and ATPase activity beta-R, ATPase acido-stabile and oxidative Ashmore and Doerr, 1971
alpha-R, acido-labile and oxidative
alpha-W, ATPase acido-labile and glycolytic
4 The combination of histochemical stains for the oxidative enzyme NADH tetrazolium reductase and ATPase Slow-twitch oxidative (SO) Peter et al., 1972
Fast-twitch oxidative glycolytic (FOG)
Fast-twitch glycolytic (FG)
5 Myosin heavy chain isoforms MyHC I Schiaffino and Reggiani, 1996
MyHC IId/x

a. Very low mATPase activity a. Medium mATPase activity a. High mATPase activity a. Very high mATPase activity
b. Very high oxidative and very low glycolytic metabolism b. High oxidative and glycolytic metabolism b. Low oxidative and high glycolytic metabolism b. Very low oxidative and very high glycolytic metabolism
c. Very slow contraction speed c. Medium contraction speed c. Rapid contraction speed c. Very rapid contraction speed
d. Small size d. Small size d. Large size d. Very large size
e. Very dense capillary network e. Dense capillary network e. Sparse capillary network e. Sparser capillary network
f. Very high levels of intracellular myoglobin f. High levels of intracellular myoglobin f. Low levels of intracellular myoglobin f. Very low levels of intracellular myoglobin
g. Very high resistance to fatigue g. High resistance to fatigue g. Low resistance to fatigue g. Very low resistance to fatigue
h. Very high mitochondrial density h. High mitochondrial density h. Low mitochondrial density h. Very low mitochondrial density
i. Red color i. Intermediate color i. White color i. White color
Source: Gerrard and Grant, 2003; Lefaucheur, 2010.